Student Information System :

Lisa offers an easy to use, customizable & scalable student information system with powerful tools for admission, teaching, assessments, and evaluation. Our system integration supports dynamic reports, real-time notifications & outstanding mobility support for academic & administrative processes.

It helps in storing complete information of students. Data stored will help the Institution for their smooth functioning. Lisa not just stores all the data, but allows school communication through SMS or E-mail, Manages visitors and other inventories. LISA offers variety of modules to make it stand unique among its competitors. It helps in creating the system to integrate with modern technology in order to simplify the process.

Application :

Enrolment of students is a complex task. Lisa has initiated to simplify application process by evolving technology and innovation. Lisa stores all applications in the respective levels.

Students :

Whether it is a new or old student, the data stored in Lisa helps you to retrieve whenever required. Our system helps you to get complete information of your student through Student Portfolio feature.

Certificates :

Lisa, the School Management Software also lessens your clerical work by enabling you to obtain certificates whether it is Mark, Study, or any other Certificates. Innovation has been adapted to make it easier and simple to every user.