Staff and Payroll Management :

Each Staff member is a valuable asset of every Institution, Maintaining and managing them should be done in a proper way. Thus, in Lisa you can maintain your each staff member’s detail to manage them without any disputes.

Notifications & Messaging :

Employees are the greatest asset to any organization. But a lack of communication can make personnel feel out of the loop. When staffs aren’t notified of critical events they may become frustrated or worse, endangered by the situation.

Employees deserve to be informed of events as soon as they happen, and instantly notified no matter where they’re in the world or which device they’re using. Their job satisfaction and safety depend on the efficient communication of pertinent information. Notify all your staff members with real-time updates via email, messaging and SMS alerts on news, events, announcements, attendance, evaluations, holidays, and emergency through Lisa.

Performance Management :

The fundamental goal of performance management is to promote and improve employee effectiveness. Analyze the best performing staff with skill and ability and compare it between groups and individuals. Lisa enables you to track and monitor the performance of individual employees, departments, and the organization overall.

Payroll Management :

No matter the size of the organization, managing the payroll system is crucial. Those with fewer employees can use a one-write system. Late payrolls make employees question the Schools’ financial integrity. If they feel their job is not stable and secure, they may underperform which decreases the workforce productivity and quality of your organization. Administer your employees financial records in Lisa because its cost efficient and time saving.

Biometric Attendance Management

Biometric Attendance Management is very user friendly and easy to use feature. It helps in automation of attendance of the staff and tracking in and out time of staff, total work duration, lunch breaks. A biometric attendance system enables you to eliminate employee proxy attendance. Significantly it will reduce the time taken to mark attendance of your staff.